If you still think that winning web design is not worth your extra bucks, think again. According to the latest statistics, of the 4.4 billion internet users, about half say that the website design influences their opinion about the company’s integrity and trustworthiness. That means two out of three people prefer to spend more time on a beautifully designed website.


If you’re still not convinced, this article will make a believer out of you. If you can’t be swayed by words, let the numbers do the job. Here are the five statistics that will finally convince you to get a winning web design.


  1. The unattractive layout will lose the interest of 38 per cent of internet users


Every lost internet user is a lost buyer. Did you know that it only takes a viewer 0.05 second to form an opinion about your website? If you have an unattractive layout, internet users will immediately think that you’re not serious about what you’re offering.


Some visitors even figure out if you’re using template web designs provided by top web design companies, and this is also a big turnoff. This is the reason that makes a top-notch e-commerce designer the ultimate game-changer.


  1. You can retain 88 per cent visitors if you give them what they’re looking for right away


It’s a package, actually. You’re not just getting a winning web design. It also has to be easy to navigate, giving the users a seamless experience. All the fonts and the colour schemes are eye-friendly too. The website shouldn’t provide the users with a roundabout. If they’re looking for a red bikini for plus-size women, they shouldn’t be led to a page of skinny lingerie models wearing Brazilian panties.


  1. Your website’s credibility will be judged based on its design by 75 per cent of internet users


This was mentioned earlier, which makes this point moot. If you don’t invest in an excellently crafted web design, your business won’t stand a chance in the world ruled by the internet—ever. Your company website is the brochure that shows all these people the best that you can offer. If you’re showing cheap and rushed designs, the chances are that it will be perceived by the subconscious of internet users as cheap and rushed. Will it turn them off? You can bet on it.


  1. People still judge the book by its cover; 94 per cent of first impressions are related to design


To put further emphasis on this fact is no longer necessary. More people from the 4.4 billion number will turn on the website that’s visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and gives them what they want fast. Even if the people in your locality have loved your business for five decades, you still need to put an elegantly designed website so that the next generation will continue to patronise your business for five decades more.


  1. Make your web design mobile friendly too because of 62 per cent of the business that did increase their sales by a whole lot


Winning web design has to be compatible with all gadgets known to man—smartphone, laptop, desktop, and tablet. This is particularly important because more and more people are using their phones to get information about the services or products they’re willing or interested to pay for.




Numbers don’t lie. If you genuinely want your business to succeed, put it online so that the whole world can learn about it. However, you must never ever take the design for granted. It’s more important than the content. If you need web design artisans in Warrnambool, Geelong, and Hamilton. Get in touch with us today, we’ll be glad to help you!