Emails are the main mode of communication beside text messages and calls in the 21st Century .In fact emails are the official mode of formal communication for almost all the businesses.

As more and more people are using emails, it has also created an opportunity for hackers to hack your email and use your personal details.

One should be careful on how to use his/her email account. First thing to keep in mind while accessing your emails is to make sure that you are accessing it via a secured network , If you access emails over a public network , chances of your email account being hacked increase multiple times.

Since most of us access emails via smart phones / laptops, a VPN is the best way protect your email account privacy in this case.

Another way to increase your protection is to use multiple emails so that not all of your personal information is exposed. Creating a complex password also helps a lot. People avoid creating complex password due the burden of remembering them. At this current time there are loads of websites that specialize in keeping your passwords safe, so you don’t have to remember all of them.

Phishing scams have also increased a lot over few years. In a phishing scam the email address is disguised as a trustworthy email address. This email will have a link which when clicked upon either launches a virus attacks or installs a malware that sends your personal activity information without you being aware of it.

Best way to protect yourself from phishing attacks is to always check the spelling of the email address. In addition, having a good antivirus will help. With our Top-Notch email filtering service if suspicious links are sent to your inbox our system automatically deletes them.

Having said that, best way to protect your emails is to always apply some common sense while operating it.

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