One particular challenge that businesses in Warrnambool, Hamilton Victoria, and Geelong continue to face year after year is the need for effective promotional strategies.


As the rest of the world continues to experience a drastic digital revolution, more and more consumers are making the great switch to smartphones and laptops. Furthermore, users from the above-mentioned areas are no stranger to this great change. With more consumers turning towards digital technology to stay informed, businesses are now urged to go along and use online promotional strategies to their advantage.


Out of all the different promotional tools that can be used to grow any business and increase its sales, however, improving your website’s own design is one practice that holds a surprisingly-significant impact above all else.


Why your web design matters for boosting sales

Although the link between the two factors may not be as clear at first, the design of your website actually bears significant weight on how well your efforts in today’s growing e-commerce market can be pulled off.

Website designs in the context of sales, to put it simply, act as the sales representative or store space which your customers first interact with to best inform their purchasing decisions. When your web design is executed properly, you provide your business with a front that helps convince customers that your business is worth trusting enough to purchase from, leading to more sales and conversions.

Solid web design, in short, is an absolute requirement for finding success in today’s modern business landscape and provides a dependable foundation for growing any type of operation.

A few tips for better web design

If you’re stuck with a website that isn’t generating as much momentum or yielding enough results to realistic expectations or forecasts, then it’s safe to say that you’ll need to improve its overall design. To ensure that you’re making the right decisions throughout the process of improving your business’s web design, here are three tips worth considering:

1. Improve your website’s page load speed


A common oversight that website owners make is that they completely ignore the fact that their website’s loading speed is directly interconnected with its design. This can especially be a downfall considering the fact that users are growing more impatient. Alternatively, however, making sure that your website’s load speed is as minimised as possible can put your visitors at ease and keep them satisfied and in the right mood to make a purchase.

Before you start tearing and hacking away at other factors involved in your web design, make sure every measure is taken towards improving its loading speed— such as:


  • Minimising the file sizes of various files on your website
  • Converting PNG files to JPEG to maximise the overall load speed
  • Decluttering the web design’s source code by removing unnecessary files and entries to reduce the overall file size of each web page


  1. Outfit your website with responsive web design

As more consumers all over Australia turn towards using smartphones to conduct purchases and inform their decisions, website owners now face the obligation to make their websites much more mobile-friendly. Know that this can easily be best achieved with responsive web design!

With the help of responsive web design, your website itself won’t only be able to match any type of display that it’s laid out on, but it’s also going to provide the most optimised experience based on a phone or tablet’s specifications!


  1. Add more CTAs to direct consumers

    Calls-to-action (CTAs) are a timeless marketing concept that still bears a significant impact in the web design and digital marketing because many users opt to configure websites by themselves without the need for a guide. As an answer to the common points for error in a user’s inclination towards a normal sense of self-sufficiency, CTAs help prompts any visitor towards purchasing from your website.




Paying attention to how your website’s design is composed and making the necessary tweaks is guaranteed to make a significant difference in how well it can perform in reaping conversions and boosting sales.


If you’re a looking for a professional website design agency in the Warrnambool, Geelong, or Hamilton Victoria area, get in touch with us to see how we can help!