By definition Managed “I.T Services” means to outsource all the responsibilities of maintaining a IT Systems / Infrastructure to a vendor and compensating them with a fixed amount agreed upon. This kind of model is being adopted by lots of companies. Because the business wants to focus more on their core business instead of worrying about how to manage the I.T part of their business.

The Idea of managed IT services focuses mainly on improving ease of operations for the Parent Company.

The typical model is:

Agreed upon service level contracts between Parent Company and the Managed IT service provider. The SLA (Service-level agreement) defines the services will be provided and the scope of it, as well as metrics for measuring the success of the provided services. These metrics are included in the Reports Shared by the Service Provider to the parent company so that their performance can be evaluated.

Most of the times managed IT services are directly or indirectly combined with a Network Operations Center to proactively monitor systems, resolve issues and perform work with a level of expertise and efficiency unparalleled to other solutions.

Top Notch I.T Managed IT services in Warrnambool provide a proactive approach to IT, by doing routine maintenance, upgrades and system monitoring of the business systems. In addition to that, we work on providing a faster resolution by keeping a database of standard operating procedures that can be used for fixing the issue in the fastest way possible. Our main goal as a Warrnambool Managed IT service provider that we thrive to stop the problem from happening in the first place.

Main advantages of this solution are the              

  • Cost effectiveness which everyone loves, instead of developing a team within house, companies can reap the benefit of expertise from a Warrnambool Managed Service provider who already have expertise in the field.
  • It also helps companies to forecast the IT expenditure as well.

Though Managed IT services provide loads of advantages, choosing a good IT Managed Service provider is not easy due to plethora of companies which have surfaced across the globe in the last decade. While choosing any Service Provider not only the track record of the company should be checked but a feedback from their existing clients can help a company in deciding.

If you’re looking for Managed I.T services in Warrnambool and Hamilton, please email to schedule a free ICT audit of your business.